Indian Gold Hair Care the new hair revolution doing miracles.
No petroleum no minerals no water dilution 100% Organic, hand made with the most care to bring you one  of the best product on the market today, now made with 13 powerful Indian and African Herbs and Oils, natural proteins and vitamins for protection, smoothness and shine, keratin and D-panthenol pro 5 to promote faster growth, elasticity and strength.
for the Benefit of your hair, no more weaves grow your own hair today.
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Our Ingredients

Made from powerful Indian and African herbs and oils like shikaiki, amla, burdock root, licorice, aloe butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, rice-bran oil, olive oil, natural vitamins and proteins that our ancestors were using to heal and cure scalp problems before all these chemicals, 100% organic, no petroleum or minerals added just the goodness of the earth with natural phyto keratin to nourish, strengthen each and every hair shaft for a healthy head of hair.

Our Vision

Our products are Unisex great for female, male and children. We are constantly working and studying more plants and herbs to bring you an even better, stronger product where everyone can live worry free about their hair knowing that there is a product on the market that can help them keep a full head of hair regardless what problem they might have. Our goal is to truly revolutionize hair product by staying away from harsh chemicals that can  make more damage  to hair by keeping our products 100% Organic and natural.